Lighting is an element which is most often overlooked and has become a must have for any elegant, unique or upscale event. Wireless LED Lighting enhances a room’s atmosphere and ambiance as well as focus the attention of your guests to certain aspects of your event. With the correct placement and light fixture we can create an atmosphere and ambiance that is visually amazing. Wireless LED uplighting is the most powerful lighting technique available today. Our distinctive combination of lighting expertise and lighting control results in a creation that is second to none.

Our Wireless LED fixtures are small in size and have a clean and elegant appearance with no power cables, no control cables and no create no heat which allows our designs to be intergrated into any venue without changing or altering the decor. These fixtures are capable of being programmed to your specific wedding colors, giving us total creative control over how our lighting enhances and compliments your wedding theme and venue architecture. We have unlimited control over light intensity and color selection allowing us to create an elegant backdrop that is just simply stunning.



We also offer monogram, logo and name projection on any surface. We can project it on the dance floor, a wall or even outdoors for that one of kind look only you will have.

Want to light up the dance floor and add some excitement to your event? Our state of the art light show includes fully automated DMX controlled lighting and fog reproduction. All controlled by a qualified DJ. We can design any application to fit your needs and venue size.